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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/testing' into testing
# By Britney Fransen (10) and others # Via Britney Fransen * origin/testing: mythdb-initial: add MiscStatusScript value to initial db. refs #845. LinHES-system: remove dup .install keylaunch: update .keylaunchrc to run mythtv-setup as user rsyslog: increase log retention to 2 weeks runit-scripts: enable cron logging to syslog premake:initial inclusion. closes #801 libaacs-git:initial inclusion. closes #801 aacskeys:initial inclusion. closes #801 LinHES-system: Add scripts for misc status in MythWeb. closes #845. linhes-scripts: tweak myth2mkv. Update version to 0.25-004 dvb-firmware: add xc5000c firmware. change xc5000 modprobe options. closes #844 v4l-dvb: update to snapshot from 20120828. refs #844 LinHES-system: update to work with tuners in error. closes #843 curlftpfs: Initial Inclusion. linhes-scripts: minor changes to myth2mkv mythtv:Bumped to latest fixes. Added ./configure items to close #842. LinHES-config:7.4 rdt 9th anniversary release. Conflicts: abs/core/LinHES-config/LinHES-release abs/core/LinHES-config/PKGBUILD abs/core/LinHES-system/PKGBUILD abs/core/keylaunch/PKGBUILD abs/core/linhes-scripts/PKGBUILD abs/core/mythdb-initial/PKGBUILD abs/core/mythdb-initial/mc.sql abs/core/mythtv/stable-0.25/mythtv/PKGBUILD abs/core/runit-scripts/PKGBUILD
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+# Contributor: Anders Bergh <>
+# Contributor: Mildred <>
+# Maintainer: Daniel J Griffiths <>
+pkgdesc="A build configuration tool. Describe your build using Lua and generate \
+the project files for your specific toolset."
+arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
+build() {
+ cd ${srcdir}/Premake-${pkgver}
+ make || return 1
+package() {
+ cd ${srcdir}/Premake-${pkgver}
+ install -Dm755 bin/premake ${pkgdir}/usr/bin/premake